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About Us

About us

The Ginninderra Catchment Group is an incorporated umbrella group of community volunteers working in the water catchment of the Ginninderra Creek.

The primary focus of the Group is advancing the health of the Ginninderra Catchment through effective engagement with government, agencies, business, schools and the catchment community. We have a strong commitment to community education and capacity building and seek to create diverse opportunities for people to become involved in catchment management, decision-making and on-ground action.

GCG Leaflet CoverDownload a copy of the Ginninderra Catchment Group's leaflet here.

Our goal

  • Create ecosystems that accommodate human settlement but reduce the impacts and their effects on environmental systems;
  • Restore and maintain as much of the natural setting as possible within an urban environment; and
  • Ensure more systematic, catchment wide sustainable environmental outcomes from the activities of volunteers.

To achieve these goals and the wise investment of funding, expertise and volunteer effort the Group has developed clear strategic priorities. These are progressively revised in line with changes in policy, planning frameworks, knowledge and practice and significant externalities such as climate change.

How we are funded

Ginninderra Catchment Group relies on grants to undertake all aspects of our work. We are currently funded through the Federal Government's Caring for our Country program, and the ACT Government contributions made that complement the Caring for our Country program. This funding period is two years, though GCG has been receiving funding for several years through the mentioned programs. Funding is used for the employment of professional support staff and the implementation of various projects. Group coordinators support local community activity as well as implementing catchment-scale improvement, education and monitoring programs.

The Ginninderra Catchment Environment Restoration Fund

The Ginninderra Catchment Environment Restoration operates on a not-for-profit status, being a public fund which general members of the public can donate to in support of the environmental goals of the Ginninderra Catchment Group. The fund is held in a seperate bank account, and is solely for the use of the environmental goals of the organisation, not influenced by the donor at all. The funds of the Ginninderra Catchment Environment Restoration Fund are not distributed, directly or indirectly, members, directors or trustees of the group.


If members of the public wish to donate to the fund, by cheque or deposit, the details are below.

Ginninderra Environment Restoration Fund
BSB:  032778
Account:  441399

Then contact us with what specific area they would like the money to go toward, and where we can send their tax-deuctible receipt.

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Information on our activities and projects can be found in our Projects page.