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Friends of Mulligans Flat

The 'Friends of Mulligans Flat' was established in late 2011. We are part of the ParkCare network that operates in partnership with ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

Geographic focus: The Mulligans Flat and Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, located on the north-eastern border of the ACT, covers approximately 1600 hectares.  
It stretches from the Federal Highway to the north of Mulligans Flat Road and abuts the suburbs Throsby, Forde and Bonner. 

Within the reserve is the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary. The sanctuary is 480 hectares surrounded by an 11 km predator-proof fence.
Commencing in 2017, the construction of another 10-12 km of predator-proof fencing will enclose a further 800 hectares, enlarging the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary.

Currently the Friends of Mulligans Flat are primarily involved within the Sanctuary, with occasional activities in the greater reserve. As the new Sanctuary nears completion in 2018 we hope to encourage new residents in Throsby to join the Friends of Mulligans Flat.

Regular working bees and other activities: We hold quarterly or seasonal work parties, usually in March, June/July, October and December of each year.   These are held on a Sunday morning. We also hold a monthly work party on the second Wednesday of each month.

Other activities that can involve Friends of Mulligans Flat include:

  • 'Turtle Patrol' where our dedicated volunteers monitor specific stretches of the predator-proof fence and relocate migrating Eastern Long-neck Turtles to the other side of the fence.
  • Assisting ANU and Woodland and Wetland Trust staff with the reintroduction and monitoring of endangered species.

There is also a range of community-focused activities including:

  • annual autumn and spring Guided Bird Walks,
  • a spring Wildflower Walk,
  • twilight Spotlight Walks for children, and
  • our very popular “Science in the Sanctuary” where ANU and Woodlands and Wetlands Trust staff provide an update and information on the ecological activities being conducted in the Sanctuary.

Contact:  Mark Smith, email to

For more information on Mulligans Flat and upcoming activities, or to join, please visit our website or Facebook page