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Frogwatch Education

Watch our frog puppet show and learn lots abot what frogs eat, where they live and what they like. Presenter: Amelie Langevin

Tadpole Kit Program

Caring for tadpoles and watching them turn into frogs is a fascinating and rewarding activity for everyone. However, removing and displacing tadpoles and frogs from the wild without a specific license is illegal in the ACT.  To overcome this dilemma the Frogwatch ACT and Region program offers the loan of a complete Tadpole Kit so students can observe the amazing process of tadpoles going through metamorphoses.

Link to the  Tadpole Kit Program Page

Link to Frogwatch Teaching resources

Frogs For The Future

We offer the  loan of an enclosure containing two Green and Golden Bell frogs for one term to schools with an environmental/sustainability centre. This program focuses on the needs and threats of our local threatened and endangered frog species and learning outcomes will be greatly enhanced by students caring for the animals.

Link to the Frogs For The Future Page.

School visits

Are your students interested in frogs and are asking more questions than you can find answers for?? Are you teaching climate change, development, water, habitat,  adaptations, evolution or life in general?? We offer you a visit from our Frogwatch Education Officer to your school or group to talk about the fascinating world of frogs.

Link to  School Visits Page.

Resources for Teachers

Click here for Frogwatch Resources for Teachers.