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Frogwatch Census

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Sory- no mor training for this year!! Thanks to everyone coming along and indulging in the wonderful world of frogs!!


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You can monitor any site at any time of the year!!!  Thanks to everyone that registeres any monitoring intentions ahead!! it makes planning so much easier…

Want to see what your data is used for ?? check out the lastest Canberra Times Article here    FW publication here    the latest report (Hoefer and Starrs 2016) here   and the latest ABC reports

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Word file of all Key Sites in .docx                         Word file of Key Sites in .doc


Latest Frogwatch Newsletter find here!!!

 Last year's ABC news event:

Steps to register a monitoring site:

1. Log in.

2. Click on BOOK A SITE in top row.

3. Enter the site code(s) of your chosen sites and the date(s) of the proposd survey(s).


Why monitor frogs?

Frog species are indicators of environmental health and their presence can indicate good water quality and the availability of high quality habitat.  The absence or decline of frog populations can indicate unhealthy or degraded catchments. They are useful as a monitoring focus for a number of reasons:

Frog eggs do not have a shell, and adult frogs have permeable skin to “drink” and breathe through.   Therefore, frogs are sensitive to even small concentrations of pollutants such as pesticides, detergents and industrial chemicals in waterways, the soil or the air, as they easily penetrate into the frogs' system.

Frogs require water to breed.  Therefore frogs can only reproduce in a waterway that is relatively free of toxic pollutants.

Frogs have a distinctive mating call for every species that is relatively easy to learn and recognise.   Therefore, frogs can be monitored in a non-invasive, inexpensive way.

Frogwatch census kits

The NKit Coverational Water Week Community Frogwatch Kit contains all the information you need to participate in the annual Census. Hard copies of the Frogwatch Census Kit will be available at our training events, or on request to the Frogwatch Coordinator.

You can download the whole Community Frogwatch Census Kit (11.3 MB) at once.






Report files

View past census reports here.


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