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Aboriginal Heritage in Ginninderra


Aboriginal Heritage in Ginninderra


Ginninderra is a Ngunawal word for “sparkling water”


The Ginninderra Creek, which flows from Mulligan’s Flat to the Murrumbidgee, was an ancient pathway for Ngunawal people.  Join Ngunawal custodians on a series of walks to learn more about Aboriginal Heritage in the Ginninderra area.



Mulligans Flat - 23rd March

 On this walk, we learnt about the way traditional custodians have been looking after the cultural landscarpe of Mulligans Flat, and how they continue to today. Bush food, cultural artifacts and traditional land management practices were all explored on this eye-opening walk.

Umbagong, Latham (Belconnen) – 13th April

Aptly named, Umbagong is the Ngunawal word for áxe'. We were shown the axe-grinding grooves and their significance within Ginninderra Creek by Ngunawal custodians. Umbagong Landcare Group also described how they are caring for the area today. Below are photographs from the day - Volunteers with Wally and Tyrone Bell learning about Umbagong.

Pinnacle Nature Reserve (Belconnen) – 27th April

Participants on this walk learnt about the significance of the Pinnacle Nature Reserve to the Ngunawal people, and were shown traditional bush foods and artifacts in the area. The Friends of the Pinnacle Parkcare Group also detailed how the area is being looked after today, and the local ecology.

Gubur Dharua, Franklin (Gungahlin) – 4th May

Guburu Dharua is a Ngunawal word for ‘ochre ground’.  Ngunawal guides explained how the red, white and yellow ochre was sourced here, and how it was used in traditional ceremonies and decoration. Participants were also shown the various stone tools that were created in these types of areas.  

Scar Tree and Ochre Grounds, Crace (Gungahlin) – 25th May

Scar trees were created when Aboriginal people removed bark to make canoes, shields and containers.  On this walk, see a scar tree and an ochre ground and hear the significance of the broader area to Ngunawal people.


Ngunawal Artifacts, West Macgreggor (Belconnen) – 15th June

Click here to view a video of the West Macgregor Aboriginal Heritage Walk.



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