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Mulligans Flat Aboriginal Heritage Walk


Our first Aboriginal Heritage Walk was a great success. Walkers began at the damn and discussed how traditional owners would hunt ducks using nets and chasing them with sticks in order to tire them out. Mulligans Flat area was actually used as a migratory pathway, so people used to live for a short time in area before moving on to follow the food. Artefacts are present in the area to support this. The kinds of food found in the area would have been Acacia grubs and seeds; honeycomb; birds would have been caught using rope ladders; and kangaroos. Hunting was only permitted in tribal areas - traditional owners needed permission from other tribal leaders when hunting beyond their borders. Thunderstone leaders, Wally and Tyrone Bell, told of how their father used fire to protect the land and the family - to promote regrowth and to renew the place.