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Blackberry removal - A catchment wide approach to eradication

In February 2012 Ginninderra Catchment Group were successful in gaining funding through the Caring for our Country - ACT Weeds of National Significance Grants Project - (with funding from Commonwealth CFOC program and Territory contributions made that complemt the CFOC program).

This funding focused on identification and removal of blackberry infestations throughout the catchment, and where appropriate replanting with native species to replace habitat that was being lost by removal of blackberries.


Even though blackberries are a weed - and a Weed of National Significance (WoNS) at that, they do provide shelter for small birds, but can also harbour rabbits and foxes. Initially 10 patches were identified throughout the catchment and a plan was developed, with approval from the ACT Government to spray these areas, and in consultation with the local landcare and parkcare groups rehabilitate these areas. Where no landcare or parkcare group existed GCG staff will follow up progress. These patches were sprayed in March 2012, and in September/October 2012 approx. 700 native species were planted near or amongst the sprayed blackberries.

The photo below shows a very large patch in Belconnen before spraying:

And after spraying and replanting:

Report A Patch!!

Even though the funding will be finalised by December 2012 this was such a sucessful project that if you see a blackberry patch within the Ginninderra Catchment report it to GCG staff. We will endevour to work with the ACT Government to ensure patches are sprayed and rehabilitated.