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Evatt Grassland Trial

Ginninderra Creek Native Grassland Restoration Program

Vision: To shift weedy vegetation to native grassland in urban areas.  Scientific studies show that burning and mowing management influence restoration of native grassland.

Restored native grassland will significantly reduce the chance and intensity of wildfires, lower maintenance costs, improve conservation of biodiversity, maintain healthy landscapes and return the area to a natural environment 

Croke PlaceTrials

Aims: To confirm that mowing and burning managements are effective in the Ginninderra Creek corridor for reseeding success and native grassland expansion.


  1. To find the best management to accompany reseeding.

       1. Control without reseeding.

2. Control with reseeding.

3. Autumn burn with reseeding.

4. Spring mowing with reseeding.

  1. To find the best management to expand small remnant patches.

 Close (<4 cm) mowing in Spring.

  1.  Safe (>10 cm) mowing in Spring.
  2.  Spring burning.
  3.  Autumn burning.

Replicated in two patches.


  1. Grass density and composition in mid-Spring.
  2. Repeated photographs from fixed points.


  1. Reseeding trial: 2008/2009
  2. Native patch expansion trial: 2007-2015