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Ginninderra Falls Project


The Ginninderra Falls area is one of the most spectacular and unique areas in the ACT region, with inspiring views and aesthetic values as well as unique biodiversity and Aboriginal cultural heritage values. The area is extremely important for the local Aboriginal custodians and contains a high number of threatened species as well as locally rare species. It's significance has also been acknowledged by early European occupants of the area as well as the local community in more recent times.

One of the central functions of the Ginninderra Catchment Group is to protect biodiversity and cultural and heritage values in the catchment, particularly in areas of high biodiversity or cultural heritage value. One of the goals in the Ginninderra Catchment Strategy relating to development in the catchment is “ensuring all development in the catchment is planned and implemented using environmental best practices”. The Ginninderra Falls area is the most unique part of the catchment from a biodiversity, cultural heritage and historical and aesthetic perspective. Therefore, protection of this area is a key priority for the Group and its members. Key points of focus for Ginninderra Catchment Group are:

  • Biodiversity 
  • Cultural Heritage
  • The intrinsic, aesthetic and community value of the Falls
  • The reserve design

Ginninderra Catchment Group has been working with local community groups and participating in working groups associated with the West Belconnen development with the aim of raising awareness about the high values of the area so that the unique values of the area are adequately taken into account in the planning process. Of particular interest is the proposed rezoning of a large area of land currently zoned for environmental management to an urban zoning. Further information may be found at the links below:

Submission to EPBC Strategic Assessment

GCG Biodiversity Report