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Action on Weeds around Wallaroo

The Ginninderra Catchment Group (GCG) is working on a collaborative approach to weed management in the Wallaroo, Hall and Spring Range areas.  Supported by a Federal Community Landcare Grant, GCG is helping landholders to plan, implement and monitor weed control in their paddocks.  

Why manage weeds?

Rural landholders have legal obligation to control noxious weeds, such as Serrated Tussock, Chilean Needle Grass and Blackberry.  These weeds, and others, can significantly increase farm costs, be toxic or harmful to livestock and affect biodiversity and human health.  Weeds that spread the neighboring properties can strain community relationships, and they also reduce the value of land. 

How this Project is helping address weeds around Wallaroo

GCG is supporting landholders in weed identification, weed management planning, practical control actions and monitoring.  This is being achieved through a series of workshops and skill-sharing days to provide information, training and skills development.  

So far five events have been held as part of this project:  an Introductory Weeds Workshop, Sustainable Horse Management workshop, Integrated Weed Management, Biological Weed Control and a Paddock Plant Identification day. 

Ginninderra Catchment Group are also offering Property Planning Workshops in July.  These workshops provide vital information on saving time and money to look after your property more sustainably.  These workshops usually cost approximately $600, however Ginninderra Catchment Group is fully subsiding the workshops for participating landholders.

A number of other workshops are planned for 2014, see here for more details.

The project is being assisted by a Reference Group comprised of relevant organisations such as, Southern Slopes Noxious Plants Authority, Serrated Tussock Working Party for NSW/ACT, Murrumbidgee CMA and ACT Government Agencies.

Overall, this project is working towards a more productive landscape with improved environmental values.

Please complete the below Expression of Interest Form if you are a landholder interested in being involved in the project or contact Karissa on 6278 3309 or