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Biological Weed Control Workshop 2014


On Saturday 26th April over 50 landholders attended a workshop at Gold Creek Station, Hall to learn more about biological control agents for weed control.  Ginninderra Catchment Group ran this workshop as part of a Federally Funded Community Landcare Project focused on supporting landholders to control weeds and create more sustainable properties.  


The workshop was presented by Barry Sampson, who has over 30 years experience in biological weed control with NSW Agriculture, CSIRO and other bodies. He explained the principles behind biological weed management and control agents for various weeds including Paterson's Curse, St. John's Wort, Blackberry, Docks, Thistles and Horehound.  


Landholders came away with a greater understanding of biological control as an important aspect of an integrated weed management as well as techniques on how to identify agents in the field.   Many participants also took mites for St John Wort and Pattersons Curse back to their properties to help control their weeds.


This workshop highlighted that weed control, like many environmental issues, are best addressed at a landscape scale.  As a result landholders have decided to form a local Landcare Group to continue to address local environmental concerns. The first meeting on the Hall/Wallaro Landcare Group will be held in the near future.  Contact Karissa Preuss (details below) for more details.