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Waterwatch (archived)

Platypus Watch launches in the ACT

28 October 2008

Do you walk or cycle along the rivers on a reasonably frequent basis?  Would you like to keep a look out for platypus?  The platypus is one of Australia’s most iconic animals.  However, very little is known about how this unique mammal is actually faring in rivers and creeks in and around the ACT.  To address this issue, ACT Waterwatch and the Australian Platypus Conservancy are joining forces to monitor this fascinating species and are looking for volunteers to help.

Waterwatch Newsletter July 2008

01 July 2008

Each month, the results from the monthly Waterwatch monitoring in the Ginninderra Catchment will be summarised in the “GCG Waterwatch Report” newsletter.

The newsletter will also profile one of our Waterwatch volunteers, and provide a focus on fauna and flora that can be observed around the Catchment.

The Ginninderra Catchment Group Waterwatch Newsletter for July 2008 can be downloaded here (PDF).

Waterwatch Results - A Summary. 1999-2005

27 June 2007

Waterwatch volunteers from the Ginninderra Catchment Group have been undertaking water quality and othe rmonitoring in the catchment sincec 1999, as part of a Waterwatch and Catchment Health Indicators (CHI) Program. The program was initiated to develop a simple and practical method that community groups can use to:
  • measure the health of their local catchment;
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their on-ground projects;
  • identify early warning signs of environmental problems; and