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Frogwatch for teachers

The Frogwatch Education Program

The Frogwatch Education Program provides a free Frogwatch Schools Education Kit that includes lesson plans, background information and ideas for classroom and other activities. Follow-up support and ideas for on-ground action are also available from the Frogwatch Education Officer.

A popular education tool for schools in the ACT and Region, the Frogwatch Schools Education Kit provides information and resources for teachers that will help your students learn all about the fascinating world of frogs. The Kit provides information that is specific to our local environment and local frog populations so that students are engaged and excited about their learning experiences and can see the relevance in their every day lives. We envisage that creating exciting learning experiences that are focused on frogs will enable wider environmental issues and environmental citizenship to be explored with your class.

The kit includes:Frogwatch Schools Kit Cover

  • Information about local frog species
  • All about amphibians and their life cycle
  • Threatened species
  • Frog habitats
  • Curriculum links
  • Froggy resources, activities and lesson plans
  • And teachers notes.

The ACT Frogwatch Education Officer is available to support the implementation of these activities in your school. We can:

  • Present the Kit to a meeting of school staff to highlight it’s uses, answer teacher queries and offer further support.
  • Visit class groups to provide a presentation about our local frog species, where they live, their adaptations and survival strategies in changing conditions and how we can help to protect our amphibian friends.
  • Provide advice and support for extension activities. These may include building a frog habitat in your school, or incorporating frog related activities with field trips. (We recommend integrating frog related activities with Waterwatch field trips, for example.)

Resources and Useful Links
You can download a pdf of the Schools Education Kit or check out and download some of our related Education Resources here.
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