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Resources for Teachers

Please note: You can also receive free copies of most of these resources by contacting the Ginninderra Catchment Group.

Tadpole Kit Instruction Booklet   

Tadpole Kits Program Student Diary

Frogwatch Schools Kit Cover

Frogwatch Schools Education Kit (3.4 MB)
All you need to know to get your class engaged in finding out about frogs and our local environment!


Additional resources you may find useful for your Environmental Education, Water, Wetlands or Frog Units.

Design Your Own Wetland!
Design Brief - Design Your Own Wetland! (32 kb) - A one-page design brief to give students ideas about wetland habitat and design issues.
Suitable for Upper Primary Students
Developed by Gillian Jackson, Latham Primary School

Frog Unit Example 1
Over a term, students will explore the place of frogs in the larger ecosystem. Students work towards planning a frog bog for their school.
Frog Unit Part One (305 kb) - Unit outlines, teachers notes and suggested activities
Frog Unit Part Two (105 kb) - Curriculum links and lesson plans
Suitable for Upper Primary Students
Developed by Alex Hilvert as a Science Unit for Upper Primary Students as part of a B. Education Degree at the University of Canberra

Frog Unit Example 2
Aims to investigate the problem of declining frog numbers both world wide and in Australia. Students will research the extent of the problem. Students will use a range of ICT tools, research and designing and making to suggest possible solutions to the problem.
Queanbeyan Distance Ed Frog Unit Outline ( 114 kb)
Suitable for Stage 3 (Year 5/6). Specifically designed for Distance Education students or to be completed on line.
Developed by the Queanbeyan Distance Education Centre. (home page). The unit can be accessed at: .

Watch Out for Wetlands!
Watch Out for Wetlands! (62 kb)- Through this unit of wetlands, students will develop understandings about habitat, food chains and the affect of human activity on wetlands. This unit is designed around the direct experience of visiting a wetland area and uses that experience to develop understandings about the topic.  Students will participate in the design and creation of a sustainable wetland. This is an inquiry based unit, students will be given the opportunity to direct their learning.
Suitable for Lower Primary.
Developed by Fraser Primary School staff, and adapted from a Kath Murdoch unit.

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