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Waterwatch Resources

Please note: You can also receive free copies of any GCG Resources by contacting our office 

2015-2016 Catchment Health Indicator Program (CHIP) Report can be found here 


May 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter

December 2015 Newsletter

 Monitoring Dates - Monitoring takes place on the third Sunday of every month. Download 2012 monitoring dates here (PDF - 204 KB).

Ginninderra Waterwatch Resource Kit

  1. Volunteer Job Description
  2. Sign On / Sign Off Log Sheet (104 kb)
  3. Ginninderra Waterwatch Field Data Sheet Template (152 kb)
  4. Waterwatch Sampling Dates 2012 (120 kb)
  5. Monitoring Agreement (72 kb)
  6. Site Information Template (137 kb)
  7. Safety Considerations (137 kb)
  8. Collecting a Water Sample (148 kb)
  9. Measuring Water and Air Temperature (120 kb)
  10. Measuring Dissolved Oxygen (145 kb)
  11. Percentage Saturation
  12. Measuring pH (120 kb)
  13. Measuring Electrical Conductivity (120 kb)
  14. Measuring Phosphates (84 kb)
  15. Measuring Nitrates (137 kb)
  16. Measuring Turbidity (112 kb)
  17. Algae Assessment Reference Photographs (5.7 MB)
  18. Ginninderra Waterwatch Monitoring Plan Summary (192 kb)

Ginninderra Waterwatch - From Monitoring to Action!
An educational leaflet summarising the results of the “Ginninderra Water Quality and Catchment Health Report Summary, 1999 - 2005”. You can download it here: Ginninderra Waterwatch - From monitoring to action! (6.8 MB). Or collect some copies from the GCG office.

Waterwatch Volunteers - job description for monthly monitoring
A summary of what is involved in becoming a part of our monthly Waterwatch monitoring program.

WATER QUALITY REPORTS Water Quality and Catchment Health Report - Summary, 1999 - 2005.

Executive Summary
(376 kb)

For more details of this report, please contact the GCG office.

Water Quality and Catchment Health Report, 2004. (220kb)

Water Quality and Catchment Health Report, December 2003. (228 kb)

Water Quality and Catchment Health Report, June 2003. (676 kb)

Water Quality and Catchment Health Report 2002. (152 kb)

Ginninderra Creek Catchment, Waterwatch Water Quality Report. Report for the Year 1997. (312 kb)


NSW Waterbug Detective Guide (NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation) A4. (552 kb)

Waterbug Survey Results Sheet (160 kb)

SIGNAL 2 A Scoring System for Macro-invertebrates (‘Water Bugs’) in Australian Rivers. User Manual. Bruce Chessman. Version 2 November 2001. (3.9 MB)


ACT Waterwatch Newsletter April 2012

ACT Waterwatch Newsletter WInter 2010